Tracing People Tips and Advice

How to trace a person, If you want to know how to trace a person then ask an experienced tracing agent. He will tell you that it takes access to reliable accurate data and decades of experience in applying all the tricks of the tracing game.

For the budding amateur sleuth, there are many ways to look for a person you have lost touch with. You can use a specialist people tracing service, you can hire a private investigator or you can try and trace the person yourself ( DIY) by accessing birth marriage and deaths and or the UK electoral roll.

To be honest, it is nearly always the best option to employ a professional tracing agency. That said let’s take a look at the main options and see which one will be best for you especially if you have a limited budget.

Using a professional service to trace a person - Quality, Accurate, Reliable

PeopleTraceuk.Com specialise in tracing people for only £ 49.99 on a No find No Fee basis so you have nothing to lose. trace people you have lost touch with or have nver met!. That means old school friends, biological parents, other family members, debtors and the owner of that memorable Kiss! All those years ago.

Start Your Trace Here

Because we are a specialist tracing company we are very good at locating people and are very confident in tracing people.  You can instruct us to find someone and if we can’t them, there is no charge, although we usually do trace them.

Nearly everyone who tries our service doesn’t think we’ll be able to help but we usually can, even if you don’t remember much about the person being traced we can usually help you. We work by accessing data on people and then using that data to trace them to their new address using our years of knowledge and experience.

The main advantages of our professional tracing service are

·         No Trace No Fee – So Nothing to lose

·         The work is done for you - within 24 Hours

·         The results are guaranteed – So we find the EXACT person or your money back

·         The service is legal but also discreet allowing you to make the first contact and we will never disclose your details to the person being traced. It is 100% confidential.



DIY People Tracing

Learning how to trace a person yourself is an uphill task as there is lots you can do but also lots you can’t.  We’re happy to provide you with free searches of the electoral roll databases but let’s just say from the off its not as easy as some people think regardless of what anyone tells you. That’s not to say you won’t be able to find a person yourself but it will be costly and timely. If you are interested in DIY tracing then use our free electoral roll databases on if you trace the person and obtain a landline or mobile number then consider it job done. If you cannot trace the person then use the best UK tracing service for only £ 19.99

We know you are thinking that we’re trying to put you off so you will order our People Tracing service but we’re just trying to give you an honest assessment, if the challenge of finding the person is important to you as being back in touch with them then you should definitely give it a go yourself.

There are a couple of reasons why it is difficult to trace a person yourself, we quickly discuss these and then we’ll give you some advice if you really want to try yourself.

The problems that a homemade super sleuth will come up against are

·         Lack of good information

·         Cost per search on any online search resources

·         No free access to date of birth or date of death

·         Limited access to credit and consumer information

·         No access to mobile phone numbers

These are the main things that if not enough to stop you tracing a person might make things more difficult.  Like we said though, if you are going to have fun looking for the person then it might be worth your while. Here at FreeTracingPeople.Com, we love tracing people. Tracing is a great way to spend a winters afternoon, searching old records is great fun and if you want to go down this road then please do but if it’s more important to just know where they live then use our 24 Hour tracing services

Remember as professional researchers we can also access a higher, more accurate level of information as we are regulated and licence to access it, this includes access to things like dates of birth which are an excellent way of confirming if you have the correct person.

A check list for determined DIY tracer

1. Write everything down, the last known address, any siblings, age, date of birth etc

2. Write down everything you remember about the person you are looking for, where did they work, what school and or university did they attend.

3. Was the person you are tracing ever married, what were their close family members called. Where did they live, where were they born etc – All this information will help you in tracing the person to a current address.

4. Could they have been adopted? or born to a service family ? have they ever been married? If you are looking for A female then it is best to search marriage records before you start, statistically most females will have had least one marriage within 15 years of leaving school. Over 30% of women have 3 or more marriages during a lifetime. Each marriage acts as a fire break when looking to trace a person because of the name change that is normally associated with a marriage.

5. If you know which town they live in and a 100% certain of their current name, try an electoral roll search, its free on

6. The Phone search on is free and contains both landline and mobile telephone data. It is a great way at no cost get telephone numbers for people with the correct surname in the correct area.

7. Search UK death records, Its sad but could save you lots time, these deceased records are free on or you can use the paid Birth Marriage and Death search sites like Find My Past or Ancestry

8. Why not look for a sibling or other closer family member who may be able to tell you where your person is or at least open up other avenue of investigations. For example, they may have moved to Australia or have joined the Navy!

Tracing people yourself can be a real buzz so if that’s what you are looking for then it is worth conducting your own enquires, if finding them is the most important thing then head over to our people finder page and we’ll be delighted to help.

About us is a specialist people tracing company. We locate people for a wide number of reasons for people throughout the UK. We provide free access to our databases through our website. We are passionate about Tracing people in the UK.

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