For Data controllers based in Europe- General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

The GDPR is designed to ensure the protection of personal data as it is collected, shared, and used on

an unprecedented scale. Knowing thy data means identifying and understanding what data is sensitive

within you

Cyber Thieves

One of the strange features of cybercrime is how much of it is public.

A quick search will turn up forums and sites where stolen goods, credit cards and data are openly traded.

But a glance into those places may not give you much idea about what is going on.

Watch Out - Scammers Are About

Unbelievably con-artists are using flattery to encourage older people to part with an average of £32,000 for unauthorised and fraudulent investments.

The UK City regulator is warning people aged over 55 to be cautious over unsolicited callers putting on pressure to sign up to a &q

Consumer Data In The UK

Commercial Consumer Data

It is important to remember Consumer data in the UK is being used across a wide range of sectors. Firms have always sought information on actual and potential customers but the advent of digital, connected technologies have allowed this to hap

Murder Detectives Seek Access To Amazon Echo data

US police investigating a murder have tussled with Amazon over access to data gathered by one of its Echo speakers.

The voice-controlled device was found near to a hot tub where the victim was found dead amid signs of a strug

late payments to small UK businesses

The Federation of Small Businesses has recently (Dec 2016) published a report on late payments to small businesses and the impact this has.

The report sets out the key findings:
• 30 per cent of payments to UK small businesses are la

French privacy row over planned mass ID database

The aim of a single "mega-database" is to fight identity fraud and improve efficiency. But, as Paul Kirby explains, there are fears the database could be abused not only by hackers but by state intelligence too.

What's the database for?

The single database would

Safe Dating

Our Tips to keep you safe when dating

With the massive growth of the Internet, the way individuals in the 21st century meet their future spouses has completely changed. The expansive nature of the Internet allows people to search far and wide for the love of their lives. However, with m

Your Internet History

You may be surprised to know who legally now see your entire internet browsing history, including the taxman, DWP and Food Standards Agency.

As the Investigatory Powers Bill passes into law, internet providers will be required to keep a full record of every site that each of its custome

US Government Lose Microsoft Appeal

Big Brother is refused access to data stored in ireland

On 14 July 2016, Microsoft won an important appeal against the US government over a US search warrant that aimed to force the company to hand over certain customer data stored exclusively in Ireland.

The decision will be

UK Businesses brush off Brexit vote

Three in four UK businesses have yet to feel any financial impact – positive or negative – from the EU referendum vote, according to new research from R3.

The insolvency trade body’s survey of British companies shows that 16 percent of all businesses, equivalent to 283

UK House Purchase Fraud On The Increase

Recent crime figures indicate that instances of fraud during mortgage and property transactions rose by 50% last year. Such crime accounted for 6% of all recorded fraud.

The statistics are stark enough, especially when it is considered that mortgage and property transactions tend to inv

New upper age limit for jurors England & Wales

Jury Service

As of the 01 December 2016 the upper age limit for jurors in England and Wales will be raised from 70 to 75.
The new age limit, to be introduced on 1 December, will better reflect the healthy life expectancy of people in England and Wales and

Hashtags Might Get You In Trouble

New Guidline for UK prosecutors have been issued November 2016. The use of 'derogatory hashtags' on social media might lead to prosecution

People who create or encourage others to use a "derogatory hashtag" on social media could be prosecuted in England and Wales,

House Price Data

UK House Price Data Sepember 2016

The latest land registry data that is currently available for Sept  2016 reveals an annual price increase of 7.7%, taking the average property value in the UK to £217,888.

Looking at England alone the September data gives an annual

List Of Major Towns and Conurbations and Approximate populations

Conurbations and Metropolises

A conurbation is an urban area which encompasses a number of cities or towns. There are numerous examples of conurbations throughout the United Kingdom due to urban sprawl. In particular, in the South East of Great Britain, the area around Greater London ca

Data - Clients and Supporters

Data Cleanse 

Companies and chrities are under increasing pressure to maintain a strong brand and a sustainable support base; and above all, to keep the flow of funding coming in. Securing,funding and nurturing the support base is a constant initiative and the demands upon charit

2018 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Game changer for commerce

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

People in the UK are some of the most prolific home movers in the world.

Stats show that on average people move eight times in our lifetime, which is almost double the amount of mo

Family History - Build A Family Tree

Build Your Family Tree

Building family trees is a passion and can become addictive, it provides an excellent visual glance of one's family unit and the more effort you put in the more rewards you will reap.

The act of creating a family tree alone gives a

UK Data Protection - Data Privacy Implications of 'Brexit'

European Union, United Kingdom August 19 2016

British voters have spoken and by a narrow majority decided in favour of the United Kingdom’s exit from the "European project." At present, no one knows whether, when and how the pl