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UK Property Sales

Please check for all address property sale ( England & Wales) from 1995 to current Month by simply entering a postcode and check the property sales records as supplied by HMG land registry - All records are crown copyrighted

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Find a person’s address with just the minimal amount of information.

Free Tracing people com allows you to search for people using Social media data, electoral roll, landline and mobile telephone data and the very important email datasets.

It is easy to search for people using just a Name or via and age and approximate location.  By typing Our unique people search algorithm will display all relevant contact information identified for that person. If you need to find someone that you met briefly and all you know is their Name, and Location, name and location our people search is designed for you.

The advantage of building UK electoral roll registers into our databases is they are searchable either via an actual address or using just a name. Finding people`s address via the free electoral roll people search uses a whole array of data to power our people search results. We actively collect and collate data from a wide range of data sources and you can be assured we do not rely upon only the electoral roll to trace people to an address. Our data collection strategy involves deploying assets against all social media sites to collect Intelligence on people and build that wealth of open source data into our UK people search results